Take Your Gluteus Maximus to the Max!

Take Your Gluteus Maximus to the Max!

Attention all ladies aka Buff-ettes!

In case you haven’t noticed, 2014 has been the Year of the Booty. Yes, that’s its official title! With J. Lo, Nicki Minaj, and Iggy Azalea leading the charge, there has never been so much focus on the posterior.

Take Your Gluteus Maximus to the Max

And there’s never been a better day than today to start sculpting and toning your rear. We’re going to show you the best, most efficient exercises to tone that notoriously tricky butt and thigh area. Why spend hours doing workouts that won’t lift and tighten that tush? We know that Buff-ettes are notoriously busy, which is why we’ve put together the most efficient, targeted workout for you.

Whether you’re auditioning for Nicki’s next music video (“Anaconda 2,” anyone?) or just trying to make a statement in that sweet new pencil skirt you just bought, these exercises are primed to take your booty to the next level.