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Why You Should Date Someone Who Isn’t Your Type

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Why You Should Date Someone Who Isn’t Your Type

Why You Should Date Someone Who Isn’t Your Type

Would you dare to date someone who is not your type? People often ask about the type of person you would like to date, but skipping someone that does not fit your ideal may not be the right decision.

Why You Should Date Someone Who Isn’t Your Type

It’s sometimes a good idea to date someone not your type, here is why:

To change your “bad record”

Have you been dating one type for several years and it’s always been a bad experience? Perhaps this is an indicator that you should reconsider your type and try taking an interest in someone outside of your norm. Possibly your type is not actually right for you and someone different might be the right one. You can at least try being friends with people who are not your type and observe the differences and learn from them.

To enhance your perspective

Teesha Morgan, $e* therapist and couples counselor, says, “Dating outside your type is good because it can help you learn and grow as a person.” You may have heard that opposites attract, you are going to have a different experience and be able to see the world differently.

Often when trying online dating we get to know the person from their profile and if they do not match our type we move on and search for another one. If this person has all the physical attributes you admire but cannot keep a job and is often violent would you still want to date them?

Dating only one specific type can be boring and predictable, you don’t experience anything new in life. On the other hand when you date somebody who is not your type or has different interests, you will probably enjoy their company and have new experiences. You can expand your knowledge and interests.

Try dating someone from a different religion, culture, or life experience. Even if it does not work out will see different things in life and it will be a new and lifetime experience for you. You can leave your comfort zone and become more confident and strong. You might start loving things you once disliked. Things start appearing different and your perception changes. You might notice that your type has changed and you are a more well-rounded person.

Choose a person internally not externally. Consider their values and how much weight they give to independence, faithfulness, trust, relationships, family, and love. Don’t go by looks, height, weight, hair, or other external traits. Enjoy yourself, not only will you learn about life, you will probably learn a lot about yourself.

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