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4 Reasons Why Men Are Afraid Of Independent Women

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4 Reasons Why Men Are Afraid Of Independent Women

Why Men Are Afraid Of Independent Women

Men are afraid of independent women because of societal norms that have been propagated throughout history. Men have been the heads of households in the world for most of recorded history, and societies have been established to benefit men. Women who are strong and independent do not need a man to run their lives or manage the household. Women’s standards have increased so much over the past few decades that men have been completely stricken by the strong women they meet.

4 Reasons Why Men Are Afraid Of An Independent Woman

#1: Women Are More Than Looks

Many men become instantly afraid of women they meet who are massively intelligent or successful. A beautiful woman is just a beautiful woman until a man talk to her, and men are intimidated by a woman who can take care of herself. The male archetype of breadwinner and protector is not always accurate, and a woman who has a good life without a man seems impossible to please. Men often give up until they find a woman who is needy.

#2: Women Are Interdependent

Women have support systems that involve many other women and sensitive men. There are men searching for women today who do not understand the social structures women have. A woman has friends to talk to about her relationships, and a woman does not necessarily need to have a romantic relationship to be deeply in love with someone. Women get emotional lovemaking from their friends, and men are often unable to provide that level of love-making.

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#3: Women Have Male Friends And Standards

Women who are strong and independent have male friends who have raised the bar for any man she might date. A woman does not need a man who cannot treat her at least as well as her male friends or her brothers. Women whose best friends are men often compare their relationships to their friendships, and anyone who is not a true gentlemen is not worth the time a woman must put into the relationship.

#4: Women Are Not Babysitters

Women have been expected to babysit their boyfriends and husbands throughout the centuries, but the modern woman will not babysit a man she dates. Men must be able to manage their own lives without help from their girlfriends, and a woman who must manage your life will drop you in a heartbeat. You must get yourself out of a misogynistic mindset before you approach a strong and independent woman.


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