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What Not To Wear On A First Date

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What Not To Wear On A First Date

What Not To Wear On A First Date


First dates present a lot of fun new adventures, but preparation can be nerve-wracking. The hardest part is typically picking out something appropriate to wear. While there are a lot of universal rules to follow, this list specifically focuses on faux pas that are exclusive to each gender.

What Not To Wear On A First Date

Rules for Guys


The desire to make a strong first impression sometimes causes men to go overboard. Dressing to the nines is only love-meking dating this early on. Furthermore, it leads to being awkwardly out of place in casual environments.


The opposite direction is in poor taste as well. Wearing shorts implies that the date is not important or serious. This is because they indicate a complete lack of effort in terms of style.


A first date is rarely an invitation to flash visible toes. Sandals do nothing to buffer feet from the dirt that is everywhere. Unless grimy toenails are something you want to show off, put on some nice leather shoes instead.


Sometimes, guys hide their eyes during the entire first date conversation. Sunglasses put a shield up against any real emotional connection or closeness. Mostly, they are just rude!

T-Shirts and Tank Tops

Some clothes simply represent immaturity, which is not what girls are looking for. As such, it is time to ditch the hipster shirts and wife-beaters. Replace these with button-down polo shirts.

Rules for Girls

High Heels

These shoes might be fancy, but they are way too formal. Also, nothing is more embarrassing than tripping and taking a tumble. The ability to walk properly is much more important than fashion.

Expensive Jewelry

Flashy accessories imply high standards for wealth alongside the appearance of receiving gifts from multiple suitors. Put the diamonds away to avoid looking like a gold digger; instead, show personality through clothing.


Dresses and skirts that end above the knee are risky choices. They can prematurely send the signal that a lady is ready to get physical. In addition to sending an invitation, miniskirts can also indicate the desire for only a casual fling.

Low-Cut Blouse

A conservative top is usually recommended for the first date. Cleavage can be a serious distraction for the male gaze, and this can interfere with the capacity of getting to know each other. See-thru blouses are also to be avoided for the same reason.

Extra Make-Up

The biggest mistake that gals make before a first date is layering on the make-up. This hides a woman’s real face, so guys end up falling in love with the mask. This sets an expectation for heavy foundation every day.

Final Tips

Remember, a first date should be light and easy. While it is nice to be prim and proper, anything beyond a simple presentation could be considered excessive. Save the hottest outfits for later dates down the road. Right now, it is all about getting acquainted. Once the pair is familiarized, the real flair can be unleashed!

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