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Which Finger Should You Massage To Get Rid Of Headaches

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Which Finger Should You Massage To Get Rid Of Headaches

How to Massage Your Fingers To Get Rid of Headaches

If you are plagued with headaches, you know how frustrating it can be. That persistent ache in your head can be a nuisance in the least. When the pounding pain is at its worst, it can keep you in bed and out of commision. Medications and relaxation techniques are possible solutions, but there is another alternative that might surprise you. Learn the magic of massaging a particular finger and your headaches could go away.

Which Finger Should You Massage To Get Rid Of Headaches

Try the Tips of Your Fingers
According to numerous researches acupressure techniques can relieve headache pain. One way to find effective relief, especially when it is around the sinus areas, is to massage the tips of the fingers. The thumb is the only finger that will not be useful. Massage firmly close to the fingernails. Work on all four and begin to feel relief.

Focus on Your Index Finger
Wiki How shares a variety of remedies for curing a headache, including acupressure that centers around the index finger. Rather that massaging the finger itself, it is recommended to move to the base of the index finger and press firmly on the webbing of skin that is found between the index finger and the thumb. Relief should come with steady pressure. This method is especially effective for tension headaches.

Trust the Valley of Harmony
Dr. Oz offers a wealth of advice when it comes to a host of health remedies and is no stranger to acupressure. He also stresses the benefits of massaging the hands to make that nasty headache go away. Naming the Valley of Harmony as the key place to begin, he pinpoints the webbing between your index finger and thumb as well. You can perform massage on both hands. You should apply pressure to the webbing with the thumb from the opposite hand. Press hard enough to feel slight discomfort and hold that position for two minutes. Switch hands and perform the same technique. You should feel relief. As an added bonus, you can expect to feel more energized when you are done.

Set the Stage for the Best Results
When that next headache hits, establish the best environment to make the pain go away. You need a place that is dark and quiet. If you are at home, excuse yourself to the bedroom and turn off the lights. If you are at work, request use of an empty room to rest and treat your headache. Perform your finger massage and wait for the results of your efforts. In a short amount of time, you should feel better. There really is power in your fingers if you know how to tap into it.

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