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Never Reheat These Foods They Might Get Poisonous

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Never Reheat These Foods They Might Get Poisonous

Never Reheat These Foods They Might Get Poisonous

With growing concerns over sustainable cooking and saving money in the kitchen, more and more people are turning to leftovers. Consuming leftovers is a great practice, however you should be highly cautious which leftovers you reheat. Some foods that are reheated can become poisonous.

Never Reheat These Foods They Might Get Poisonous 1

Changes in Protein Composition

Chicken and mushrooms are two highly versatile ingredients that are utilized in most kitchens and they are even quite delightful together. Both meat eaters and non-meat eaters alike will likely be familiar with at least one of these amazing sources of protein. Reheating these ingredients will actually change the composition of the protein. This has a number of effects such as to change the flavor of the ingredient, to remove the health benefits and to cause severe digestive problems. It is recommended to either eat mushrooms cold or remove them before reheating the dish. Chicken can be reheated safely, however it should be done on a low temperature and ensure that it is heated all the way through. This will likely take longer than you expect.

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Nitrate Offenders

Spinach, beets and celery all possess high levels of nitrates. Beets and spinach both possess high levels of nutritional value, however when they are reheated, these nitrates can become harmful to the human body. If you have leftovers with any of these three ingredients, either eat it cold or remove the nitrate offenders prior to reheating.

Rice, Yea or Nay?

Reheating rice has been debated by people around the world for ages. It is true that reheating rice can make you ill, however it is not actually the reheating of the rice that makes you ill. Many people make the mistake of leaving rice out at room temperature for longer than an hour. You may simply be waiting for it to cool or perhaps it is sitting out during a dinner party for several hours. When cooked rice is left out for long periods of time, it can grow a potentially dangerous bacteria that is known to cause upset stomachs and diarrhea for a relatively short period of time. As long as you store your rice promptly and consumer your leftover rice quickly, you should not have any issues reheating it.

Never Reheat These Foods They Might Get Poisonous


A number of additional foods should not be reheated for a number of varying reasons. Potatoes can become toxic and they lose their nutritional value. And, reheating eggs can become toxic when done at high temperatures.

These are the foods you should be particularly mindful of when reheating leftovers or even meals you prepared in advance and froze. The same principles apply to both. As long as you are careful about the ingredients listed above, leftovers are perfectly fine to reheat.

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