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7 Booty-Sculpting Moves For Your Perfect Behind

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7 Booty-Sculpting Moves For Your Perfect Behind

7 Booty-Sculpting Moves For Your Perfect Behind

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Kettlebells are a great investment for any home gym and are used by beginners and professional bodybuilders alike. The single-leg deadlift with a kettle bell trains the gluteal muscles along with the hamstrings and core. As with all the other exercises on this list, it is crucial that the lower back is not bent. A curved lower back almost always leads to injury.

single-leg deadlift

Resistance bands are another crucial weapon in the fight for a better butt. They cost very little, and can provide a helpful middle step between unweighted and weighted exercises. Some exercises, like the banded booty kick, require resistance bands. This exercise, performed by extending one leg straight out while keeping the other knee and both elbows on the ground, focuses almost entirely on the glutes – it doesn’t take too many repetitions to feel the burn.


The inner thighs are another area that many people would like to improve, and luckily, most of these exercises work the hip adductors. The crossover lunge gives these muscles a particularly intense workout. This exercise is done by extending the arms out in front, stepping diagonally, and bending the knees. It can be done with or without a weight, but beginners might want to try the unweighted version first. The day after you perform the crossover lunge, you might feel sore in muscle groups you didn’t know you had.


Many novices focus on the glamorous muscle groups like the arms and chest and neglect the muscles of the back. This is a mistake. The back muscles are the largest muscles in the upper body, and a strong back contributes to improved balance, stability, and functional strength. The tipping row sculpts and strengthens the back and butt muscles and makes the chores of everyday life much less taxing.

To execute this exercise, stand on one leg and face down with arms extended towards the ground, then, with palms facing inward, pull the arms straight up towards the ceiling. Depending on the weight used, this exercise can also tone the biceps. Everyone loves toned biceps.


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Step-ups are the exercise for those who are serious about getting a toned butt. Almost everyone is familiar with this exercise – simply step onto a raised platform with one leg and then step down – and it is a wonderful addition to any regimen. Step-ups will make you sweat and are a great way to strengthen the most important muscle in the body – the heart.


The downward-facing dog is a familiar exercise to anyone who enjoys yoga, and the dirty dog is a fun variation of that pose. Like the crossover lunge, it will work muscles you didn’t know you had. Start out on all fours, lift one leg until it’s parallel to the floor, and kick the leg out to the side. Be careful not to do too many reps the first time you try this one. It can make getting out of bed the next morning a tricky proposition.


The elbow-plank donkey kick and the standing booty kick are two variations on the same theme, and both exercises are simple and a great way to round out your exercise routine and your bottom. Keep the abdominal muscles tight and lift one leg from either a standing or a prone position.


Skip the squats, and do these booty-sculpting moves for your perfect behind!

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