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Eat These 10 Foods and You’ll Never Look Tired Again

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Eat These 10 Foods and You'll Never Look Tired Again

Eat These 10 Foods and You’ll Never Look Tired Again

Battling tiredness all the time? If you feel stumbling, sluggish and tired the entire day, you are probably suffering from a general lack of energy. A mug of coffee or a pack of chocolates may seem like a quick-fix but lacks a lasting impact. High glycemic diet that includes sugar and carbohydrates may give you instant energy but adversely affects vitality. So, you need foods that boost your energy levels and add to your total health.
Good nutrition and diet focused on specific food items can help you revitalize your energy levels. Here’s a heads up at 10 Foods that invigorate and energize your body.

Eat These 10 Foods and You'll Never Look Tired Again

1. Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin seeds are a storehouse of Magnesium. As per a research, low magnesium intake tires you down quickly and lowers oxygen levels. So, if you have been dozing off at your desk or feel gasped after a workout, reach out for a pack of these magic seeds at the grocery store.

2. Walnuts
Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids are known to be an elixir for managing cholesterol, but it also aids in fighting symptoms of fatigue.

3. Watermelon
At times you may feel exhausted on a hot summer day because of dehydration. Watermelon’s rich water content lets to hydrate and feel buoyant.

4. Oatmeal
This is known to be a super breakfast item considering its complex carbohydrates and fiber content. It slowly releases energy to give you the required fuel as you move ahead in your day.

5. Yogurt
This one is a great fatigue buster that can be relished upon at any time of the day. Research suggests that yoghurt is rich in probiotics – good bacteria that helps digestive tract and give you essential nutrients too. If you are weight watching, pick a low-fat version.

6. Green tea
Herbal teas are a wholesome addition to any weight loss program and also boost your energy levels. Rich anti-oxidants and caffeine content play as a double booster. They can be handy at any time of the day.

7. Spinach
Spinach is a pack of green leafy goodness brimming with iron, magnesium, vitamins and proteins. Savor it in soups, raw wraps, curries or soups, its unabridged nourishment.

8. Coconut
Bountiful in magnesium, amino acids, tryptophan and potassium, coconut is definitely a power packed food. It is best enjoyed in raw form or in smoothies.

9. Bananas
While the diet planners warn you against the calorie count, bananas are a rich source of energy and health. It can be a great breakfast and lets you feel fueled the entire day. It is packed with natural sugars and complex carbohydrates that let you feel energetic all day long.

10. Beans
Although low in glycemic index, beans are a miracle food that gives you total health. Rich in proteins and minerals, they can be eaten boiled or in curries.

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