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8 Questions Smart Women Should Ask Themselves Every Day

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8 Questions Smart Women Should Ask Themselves Every Day

8 Questions Smart Women Should Ask Themselves Every Day

Do you know how impactful it is to ask yourself powerful questions every day? You might be surprised to see the impact it has! These questions help you find your way and make helpful decisions, because you give the answers!

8 Questions Smart Women Should Ask Themselves Every Day

Who am I?
How often do you sit and ask yourself who you are? It’s not what other people call you, who you were, or even who you want to be, but who you are at this moment! If it’s been a long time, now is the time to explore. You can write your thoughts in a diary or journal but the best way is to go through a questionnaire. If you know yourself better you will make better decisions for yourself by knowing what is right for you.

Am I okay with my body?
How you feel about your body will affect your confidence and self-esteem. It affects your physical satisfaction in bed and you become self-conscious when you make love. Figure it out if you love your body or not, if you don’t work on it. Wear clothing that accentuates the assets you are proud of to shift focus there.

What do I really want to do all day?
“Sometimes you just need a modification. I have a client who had an important position in a large organization, but she was exhausted. When I took her back to second grade, she remembered that she loved helping people. She’s now transferring to the nonprofit arm of her company.” – Meredith Bryan. Choose your mind-set and work towards that.

Am I happy?
When you are happy things start working for you, so it’s important to know if you are happy at this moment. Ask yourself if you are happy and why. Be the master of your own happiness.

Why can’t I do/be this or that?
If there is something you have been trying to achieve but have failed then it’s important to ask yourself why. You see your friends enjoying achievements you are longing for and you’re still struggling. Relax and try to find the reason. These questions can trigger the part of your brain that has the answers. There is nothing you can’t achieve.

Is this what I want to do?
This is a question you should ask frequently. If the answer is no then ask yourself what you would rather be doing. This will help you get out of that rut, and realize what you love about your life, or what you can change.

What is my body telling me?
Our body always signals us about what is going on with us and we tend to ignore it. Make a habit of listening to the signals from your body and figuring out what your body is trying to tell you. For example, if you can’t focus and have a headache, your body is probably saying you need to relax.

Am I doing my best?
According to family life educator and counselor Anthony Gordon, the self is the hardest person to answer to because while you can lie to others, with yourself it’s a different story. Ask yourself if you are giving your best, your answers can guide you and lead to improvement.

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