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5 Private Conversations Couples Must Have

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5 Private Conversations Couples Must Have

5 Private Conversations Couples Must Have

Communication is the key to unlock moments of bliss in your relationship, to ensure you’re both on the same page, and also to iron out any frustrations. It is healthy to discuss expectations about love-making with your partner, even though you may feel it removes some spontaneity.

5 Intimacy Conversations Couples Must Have

Personal preferences – Simply asking, “what do you like?” will help you gain insight into what your partner finds pleasurable. Laying those kinky cards out on the table opens up the dialogue to take your relationship to the next level and ensure that everyone is fulfilling their needs. It can also add some excitement and help you feel closer as a couple.

Protecting yourself – In regards to contraception, a recent study published in Psychology Today stated that “love communication predicts greater $e*u@l safety and the use of protection.” Couples who do not discuss birth control may end up with serious problems. You do not want to regret not saying a few words that could potentially save your life.

Safe words – Even if you’re not into whips and chains, you need to establish your boundaries. Come up with a word that you both agree will put an end to any act that you find uncomfortable.

Performance issues – We aren’t robots. It is completely natural for your body to not sync up with your mind, it happens to the best of us. Have a conversation outside of the bedroom if this problem presents itself, especially if your partner is taking it personally.

Seeing other people – Your heart will be broken if you find out your partner is sleeping with someone else and you believed that you were completely exclusive. Without having the conversation about monogamy, it leaves the door open and gives people the free pass to say, “I didn’t know we were exclusive.”

What you may think your partner inherently understands is something that may have never crossed their mind. The more open you are about your needs and desires, the easier it will be for you to obtain them. Don’t forget to laugh and have fun!

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