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4 Sure Shot Stomach Damaging Habits

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4 Sure Shot Stomach Damaging Habits

4 Sure Shot Stomach Damaging Habits

The stomach is an extremely important organ, doing more than we may think about! Damages to the stomach can be not only extremely dangerous, but incredibly painful. The following habits are sure to do a number on your favorite digestive organ.

4 Sure Shot Stomach Damaging Habits

1. Ignoring Meals

Like most people, you may replace meals with steady snacking throughout the day. With the fast pace of our society, it can be hard to find the time to have a legitimate meal. But the stomach needs the time span between meals to digest the food just eaten using acid discharge. Without this time span and too little food to digest, ulcers may develop.

2. Eating Before Bed

Eating before bed has been shown to cause a number of problems, even asthma complications! A study done by The American Journal Of Gastroenterology showed that people with asthma who ate before bed suffered from more complications during the day. For people who don’t have asthma, eating before bed can cause things like stomach ache, flatulence, and even cancer! Overall, it’s best to avoid chowing down before bed.

3. Eating Too Fast

Like mentioned earlier, our fast paced society can make it hard to slow down and eat. Eating too fast can cause a lot of indigestion issues. Eating too fast actually makes it so the brain can’t tell the stomach to discharge gastric acid in time, making digestion difficult. So slow down, or suffer from chronic stomach ache.

4. Smoking

Smoking causes a range of issues with your organs, including the stomach. Nicotine narrows the blood vessels in the stomach, as well as reducing the discharge of gastric acid. So on top of severe stomach aches, smoking also interferes with digestion. It’s best just to stay away from smoking altogether!

The stomach is an often overlooked organ, but it’s one of the most important ones! It helps us digest our food, which then gives us energy to go about our days. Avoid these habits and take care of your stomach, because it definitely takes care of you!

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