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10 Warning Signs Of Cancer In Your Dog

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10 Warning Signs Of Cancer In Your Dog

Far from the exclusivity of only affecting humans, various studies have shown cancer to be a nemesis for even our furry four-legged friends. In fact, recent statistics have indicated that cancer is the #1 disease-related killer of dogs. We hope that these warning signs will help you head off any ill effects from this silent killer.


Physical Indicators 1 (Moderate):

• Abnormal Odors – Dogs sometimes stink in general, however, unusually foul odors from orifices, especially the mouth or nose, can be cause for alarm.

• Abnormal Breathing – Wheezing or labored breathing that does not dissipate within a few days may indicate something more severe.

• Lumps Under the Skin – A tumor is a neoplasm mass of tissue that may be solid of fluid-filled. Tumors can be benign or malignant. A good rule of thumb is that if you can move the tumor under the skin, it is most likely benign.

Physical Indicators 2 (Severe):

• Sudden Weight Loss – Keep an eye on weight loss if it is coupled with any other warning signs in this list.

• Evidence of Pain – Does the dog wince or yelp when you touch a lump on their body?

• Enlarged Abdomen – If you wake up one day and your dog is suddenly fat, that can be due to either ruptured or rapidly expanding tumor.

• Strange Bleeding – This is never a good sign, ever. See a vet immediately if the cause of your dog’s bleeding isn’t readily apparent.

Behavioral Indicators:

• Loss of Appetite – All dogs love to eat. When they show a lack of interest, something is wrong.

• Lethargic/Depressed – Since they can’t speak, dogs use body language to communicate a problem with their owners and lethargy is a common one.

• Excessive Thirst – If you notice a spike in your dog’s thirst levels, this can indicate a hormone imbalance or even the presence of a tumor.

Dogs are members of our family pack. Just like with our human family, they can develop life threatening diseases such as cancer. Always keep up with changes in your dogs physical appearance or behavior to avoid problems with cancer and keep them safe.

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10 Warning Signs Of Cancer In Your Dog

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