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4 Worst Beauty Mistakes Guys Notice Up Front

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4 Worst Beauty Mistakes Guys Notice Up Front

4 Worst Beauty Mistakes Guys Notice Up Front

Not all men are as clueless as they seem. They notice more than you think including beauty mistakes. If you make a major beauty blunder, more men than you think will take notice and wonder why you made such a mistake. Here are four of the worst beauty mistakes guys notice upfront.

Wearing Foundation That is Too Dark

Wearing foundation that is too dark for your skin tone is one of the worst makeup mistakes you can make. If your face is several shades darker than your neck, men will take notice and look at you funny. It is important to choose a foundation that is the same shade as your skin tone. If you are having trouble picking out the right shade, you should go to your local department store and ask a makeup consultant to help you.

4 Worst Beauty Mistakes Guys Notice Up Front

Using Too Many Styling Products

All that hairspray and gel might hold your hairdo together, but men will not like it. They prefer natural looking hair and want to touch locks that are soft and bouncy. If your hair feels hard to the touch, a guy will probably be turned off. He will also hate feeling the product residue on his hands.

Grooming Yourself in Public

If you constantly brush your hair, reapply your lipstick and powder your nose in public, it will look like you are trying too hard. Men like women who are effortlessly beautiful. If you want to groom yourself, at least go to the bathroom.

Having Clumpy Lashes

Although long lashes are considered sexy, clumpy ones are not. If your mascara is clumped together, it will not look attractive to the opposite sex. That is why you should apply no more than two coats and wait for the first coat to dry.

4 Worst Beauty Mistakes Guys Notice Up Front 1

If you avoid making these common beauty mistakes, you will have more men paying attention to you.

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