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6 Signs It’s Not The Right Time To Date Again

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6 Signs It's Not The Right Time To Date Again

6 Signs It’s Not The Right Time To Date Again

When a relationship ends, some people are ready to begin dating again immediately, but in most cases the reasons a relationship ends are complex and leaves both parties with emotional baggage. Here is six signs you might not be quite ready to start another.

6 Signs It's Not The Right Time To Date Again

1.You’re still angry at your ex. When a relationship ends, anger at the other party is natural. However, at some point, when it cools, you should recognize that it takes two. If you haven’t come to terms with your part in the end of a relationship, you’re probably not ready to begin another.

2.You desperately feel you need to be in a relationship. This is a sign that you’re not comfortable with yourself or your status. You’re ready for a relationship when you don’t need a relationship.

3.You don’t know what you want. If you still don’t know what you want in life, you probably don’t know what you want in a relationship either. You need to reach a point where you are satisfied with yourself and your life before sharing it with someone else.

4.You’re still hanging on. If you still wistfully think about your last relationship and have even held on to various mementos from it, you’re probably not ready to start dating. You need to completely let go of that relationship and the person you were during it.

5.You have trust issues. Perhaps your last relationship created them, but if you do not see yourself opening up or sharing your innermost thoughts and fears with someone else, you’re probably not ready for another relationship. Honesty and sharing are both a big part of any relationship.

6.You’re not ready to be unselfish. Being single opens a space where everything is all about you. You can go where you want and do what you want. If you cannot imagine yourself opening that space to someone else and doing what they want to do, then you probably are not ready to date again.

Ultimately, deciding when to date again comes down to how you feel about letting someone else into your life.

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