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8 Struggles Only Single Women Know

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8 Struggles Only Single Women Know

8 Struggles Only Single Women Know

Every woman knows what it feels like to be single. It can be agony for some and a party for others, but either way, there are struggles out there that only single women can understand.

8 Struggles Only Single Women Know

1. Always Having Leftovers

Cooking for yourself rarely ends with the perfect sized portion for just you. Without a partner to eat your extra food, it ends up going in the fridge.

2. Being Invited To Weddings

Weddings come with the decision whether to take a date or not. Without a boyfriend, there’s no obvious answer. Who would you take? A complete stranger?!

3. Making Up Imaginary Futures With People On The Street

With no significant other by your side, the playing field is wide open! Everyone from the cute bartender to someone you saw walking down the street becomes a possible match.

4. Hearing Complaints From Happily Coupled Friends

The way you see it, you’d rather have a significant other and deal with minor problems than not have one at all!

5. Not Having A Consistently Good Sex Partner

Let’s be honest, when you’re single sex partners can range from zero to several different guys. Being in a relationship brings sexual security, which single ladies do not get to enjoy!

6. Getting Bored

Having a partner means there’s many opportunities to go out and do something together. When you’re single, it’s harder to get out and enjoy yourself.

7. So Many First Dates

Meeting potential partners over and over again can be exhausting. Can’t there be some sort of app that tells single women who the one is?

8. Wondering If You’ll Ever Find The One

Being single can be scary, because you never know if you’re going to actually find the person you’ll be with forever. A lonely future is a hard one to think about.

While being single certainly isn’t ideal for most people, at least all the single ladies can stick together and share their pain together!

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