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Breast Surgery

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Breast Surgery

By, Birgit Bellis

I just want to clear up a common misconception regarding breast surgeries. A Mastectomy does not offer the same outcome as a breast enlargement. Breast enlargements are an enhancement, a way for some women to increase their confidence, or simply to feel better about themselves. I am sure there are many more reasons for breast enlargements that I am not aware of but this article does not concern that.
Many believe that when a woman has a Mastectomy that this is an “opportunity” to have new perky perfect breasts. This unfortunately, could not be further from the truth. Man has not yet mastered God’s work in the area of prosthetics! This is a universal truth that anyone with a prosthetic can attest to. This does not mean that those of us with a prosthetic are not thankful to have them, we are, but they are not perfect. Reconstructed breasts have scars running the width of them, frequently across the center, and in most cases do not have nipples. Their appearance is more like a water balloon minus the area where the balloon is tied. In our clothing we look natural, but underneath those bras is a world every women that has had a mastectomy must face. So please don’t dismiss a Mastectomy as an opportunity for new perky breasts! It is just not the case and it undermines what these women are going through.

After my double Mastectomy I was amazed to learn that many women, some of them close friends and relatives, truly believed it was an opportunity to have nice new breasts. At first I thought it was a coping method but I quickly realized it was a matter of false belief. I was so devastated by my loss, that I honestly did not know what to say to these women. This false belief left me feeling very sad, very alone and completely misunderstood! I know that this was unintentional. Therefore, I wanted to take this opportunity to dis-spell this false belief in case your friend or family is going through this, perhaps they can feel supported and understood.

For the last fourteen years I have enjoyed being a stay at home mom raising my very special thirteen year old. Before that, for fifteen years, my late husband and I owned our own business where we provided custom wheelchairs and repairs for people who were permanently diagnosed. I have my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and I have been a volunteer in various area’s over the last ten years.

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