7 Ovarian Cancer Signs That Are Incredibly Easy To Miss

If you are dealing pelvic pain or abnormal bleeding, your first thought will not be that you have ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer signs are often very subtle and similar to symptoms of other problems. So it is very easy for you or your doctor to miss them at first. You need to keep an eye out for these seven ovarian cancer symptoms.

7 Ovarian Cancer Signs That Are Incredibly Easy To Miss.

Persistent Pain

If you have pain for more than a week or so, you may need to visit a doctor. This symptom normally does not show up until your ovarian cancer has spread, so it is particularly concerning. Women may notice both abdominal and pelvic pain, so you might have discomfort anywhere from your bowel to your diaphragm. 

Frequent Urination

Dr. Mitchel Hoffman from the Moffit Cancer Center explains that the ovaries tend to grow as cancer develops. There is limited space in your abdomen, so the enlarged ovaries can press against your bladder. This can lead you to need frequent bathroom trips. 

Your Period Is Irregular

A big sign of ovarian cancer because it is an indicator that something is going wrong in your reproductive system. Ovarian tumors may throw your hormones out of balance and affect your menstruation cycle. Some women get more frequent periods while others have fewer or no periods. Bleeding may be abnormally light or unusually heavy.