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Must-Read Superfoods List

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Must-Read Superfoods List

Must-Read Superfoods List

There is no better way to eat fruits and veggies than when they are in the peak of their season, they are in the peak of deliciousness, their amazing flavor is not the best part of eating fruits, but the abundance of nutrients and antioxidants they carry. The following is a must-read superfoods list that will show you the best foods for your health:

1. Arugula: This full of flavor green is packed with vitamins A and C, for a healthy heart, along with a generous amount of calcium.

Must-Read Superfoods List

2. Cherries: This bite-size fruit is packed with antioxidants known to help with everything from soothing gout and arthritis to helping with a good night’s sleep.

april's super foods

3. Asparagus: This very-low-calorie veggie is packed with Vitamins A, C and E, iron, and potassium as well as being a good source of fiber, a whole fighting cancer tool [More health benefits of Asparagus].

april's superfoods

4. Basil: This flavorful herb is an excellent alternative health treatment for many minor ailments; it has a powerful compound that makes it useful as an anti-inflammatory is also believed to help combat bowel inflammation and rheumatoid arthritis.

Superfoods List

5. Onions: They are full of quercetin, which help on breathing problems prevention, they also fight off heart disease and cancers thanks to their amount of bioflavonoids and sulfur, so onions are almost a perfect medicine for your health.

April's superfoods

6. Spinach: this green is loaded with Vitamins A and C, folate and iron, perfect to boost your energy.

april's superfoods

7. Okra: This sticky, yet delicious, veggie is packed with essential nutrients like folate, calcium and vitamins A and C, helping to absorb water and trap excess cholesterol, metabolic toxins and excess bile in its mucilage and slips it out through stool.

april's superfoods

Must-Read Superfoods List
[Last Updated on June 4th 2014]

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