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8 Surprising Things You Can Do To Be Wealthier

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8 Surprising Things You Can Do To Be Wealthier

8 Surprising Things You Can Do To Be Wealthier

8 Surprising Things You Can Do To Be Wealthier

Rich people act and think differently than ordinary people. You can increase your chances of becoming wealthier by following their lead.

Dennis Kimbro conducted an extensive study of 1,000 wealthy African-Americans. Then he wrote a book The Wealth Choice. His conclusion:
Becoming wealthier is a matter of choice, not chance or connections.


You can discuss your available choices with your family. Then you can decide what actions you want to take.

A recent survey uncovered some surprising habits of the wealthy:

  • They like to hang out with like-minded people, other millionaires.
  • They are comfortable living with uncertainty.
  • They tend to see money as a byproduct of their achievements, not as their main goal.


8 Surprising Things You Can Do To Be Wealthier 1

You can begin building your own skills and self-confidence by starting with easy, low-risk projects. As your capabilities increase, you can try for projects that are more difficult and can produce more money.

Steve Siebold interviewed millionaires around the world for nearly three decades. He used this information to write the book How Rich People Think.

Here are his findings:

  • The common belief is that money is the root of all evil. However, rich people believe that poverty is the problem.
  • The common belief is that selfishness is wrong. Rich people look upon selfishness as something to admire.
  • Ordinary people believe that you can use logic and strategy to make money in the stock markets. Rich people know that emotion and greed influence the decisions of most stocks traders.

Ordinary people believe that you need a college education to do well. However, rich people prefer specific knowledge.


You need to adopt the attitude that personal achievements are good for you and your family. These achievements will help you and your family.

Experienced traders know that human emotions, government actions and unexpected events affect the markets. You need to create a trading plan to limit your losses when the market becomes irrational.

College educations usually are expensive. Many rich people profited handsomely from their own business firms. You do not need a college degree to start your own small business. You can purchase business books to guide you.

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