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5 Ways To Style Your Hair While You Sleep

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5 Ways To Style Your Hair While You Sleep

5 Ways To Style Your Hair While You Sleep

If you’re like most of us, trying to get out of the house in the morning as soon as possible, while doing a million things at once, one simple way to give you a little bit of extra time is to fix your hair at night!!! Yes, this is possible, by using the helpful tips listed below you’ll benefit greatly by skipping the ever so time consuming morning blow-out and ironing.

Here are some tricks that will style your hair overnight with next to no effort:

1. Overnight Curls
By using paper towels you can get waves while you sleep.

style 1

2. Iron-Free Waves
To get beautiful curls collect five claw clips, pin your hair into two twisted sections going across your head. Release in the morning for perfect waves that look like you just used an curling iron.

style 55

3. Big Braid-Out
This technique works best for girls with natural hair, it will give them gorgeous, voluminous hair.

style 2

4. Instant Volume
No need to go crazy with curls. Sleeping in this simple topknot- wet or dry will give you blow-out volume in the morning.

style 4

5. Messy Braid
This beautiful French Fishtail braid is perfect to sleep on. Just remember to braid tightly spray some hairspray and you’ll wake up looking like you just stepped out of a magazine.

style 3

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