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8 Psychological Profiles Of World Famous People

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8 Psychological Profiles Of World Famous People

8 Psychological Profiles Of World Famous People

One aspect of history often neglected when talking about famous figures is that of an individual’s psychological profile. By examining the psychological profiles of eight figures from world history, this article sheds light on what drove these individuals, and what sparked each person’s monumental impact on the world.

1. Martin Luther King

8 Psychological Profiles Of World Famous People 8

The first three figures are the more altruistic among the eight cases studied. As a civil rights leader and inspirational activist for race equality, Martin Luther King Jr. was an outspoken “Advocate” personality, or INFJ. His passion was devoted to helping others succeed. In making strides to overcome racism, King forged new connections among civil rights groups as a personable leader. This is close to Abraham Lincoln’s profile as an ENFJ.

2. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln was able to display authenticity and communicate with pure emotion. It’s no wonder this type is called the “Protagonist,” as they frequently take on the problems of their loved ones as if they were their own.

3. George Washington

George Washington

Close to this, but with greater rationality, is George Washington’s ISTJ profile; these “Logistician” types are dedicated to honesty and hard work. They seek stability and expect the same high standards of committed work from everyone else, acting as an ultimate team member.

Unlike the above individuals, these next two psychological profiles are more adventuresome, more guided by spontaneity.

4. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn

Academy Award winner Audrey Hepburn was an INFP personality, sometimes referred to as the “Dreamer.” With a high level of intuition, the INFP pursues the discovery of the values in life.

5. Judi Dench

Judi Dench

Judi Dench, another Academy Award winner, has a psychological profile of ESTP, or, the “Entrepreneur.” Energy, movement, and constant activity keep this kind of profile alive. Fear of stasis is a motivator that keeps her going, as inactivity is what ESTP’s dread.

These final three personalities are more logic-driven, less ambivalent about emotions.

6. Steve Jobs

8 Psychological Profiles Of World Famous People 7

Steve Jobs, as the creator of Apple, was perhaps unsurprisingly an ENTJ personality, also known as the “Commander.” Confident and persuasive, his skill at asserting himself as the best in his field was possible thanks to his rational mind and sense of drive.

7. Leon Trotsky

Leon Trotsky

Like Jobs with his calculative ability, Leon Trotsky, a revolutionary and war commissar in Soviet Russia, was an INFJ and an “Advocate” like King, above. Unlike King , Trotsky’s ability to lead was used as a war strategist, and he was willing to sacrifice many of his countrymen in battle, showing a more ruthless side of the “Advocate’s” talents.

8. Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin

Lastly, Trotsky’s mentor, Vladimir Lenin, was Soviet Russia’s first dictator and an INTJ personality type. As an “Architect,” Lenin was a visionary with sweeping ideals; his enormous ego enabled him to fulfill his desire to rule the world’s largest country, and a merciless intolerance of differing opinions made him all but invulnerable to political dissenters.

Plenty more historical figures have their psychological profiles available online. Look below for more information!

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