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Do I Only Use 10% Of My Brain?

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Do I Only Use 10% Of My Brain?

Do I Only Use 10% Of My Brain?

So…remember the oft-repeated “fact” that humans only use 10% of their brains? You may want to file that away in a part of your brain that you’re not using…because it turns out that it’s not true!

Do I Only Use 10 percent Of My Brain

Although popular films have even used this fake fact as a premise, the truth is that we humans are almost always using our brains. Whether it’s for dreaming, simple walking or learning a new task, there is usually a substantial part of our noggin that is firing at any given time. It is true that we don’t use all of our brain at the same time, in the same way that we don’t use all of our muscle groups at the same exact time. Multiple scans and tests have proven that the 10% figure is a lie, so next time someone repeats it, use your brainpower and call them out!


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