12 Clothing Hacks Every Woman Should Know

12 Clothing Hacks Every Woman Should Know

12 Clothing Hacks Every Woman Should Know

These clever and genius tricks were definitely not passed down to you by your mother!

1. Iron A Button-Up Shirt Inside Out



button up shirt

2. Fin Tiny Items By Placing A Stocking Over A Vacuum Hose

vacum hose

3. Fix Stuck Zipper Teeth By Rubbing Them With A Graphite Pencil Tip

zipper graphite pencil

4. White Wine Will Remove Red Wine Stains

red wine stains

5. Remove Deodorant Stains By Rubbing With A Pair Of Jeans

deodorant stains

6. Remove Sweat Stains With Lemon Juice

sweat stains

7. Spray Tights With Hairspray To Prevent Runs


8. Clean Dirt Off Suede By Rubbing It With A Stale Crust Of Bread


9. Remove Odors From Cloths By Spraying them With Vodka Water

odor from cloths

10. Use A Hair Straightener To Iron Your Collar

iron collar

11. Shine Your Diamonds With Fantastik All Purpose Spray

Shine diamonds

12. Break In Shoes By Wearing Them With Socks & Blasting With A Hairdryer

breaking in shoes