What Does It Mean If Your Body Smells Like Ammonia?

What Does It Mean If Your Body Smells Like Ammonia?

What Does It Mean If Your Body Smells Like Ammonia?

If your body smells like ammonia, it means you could be suffering from a rare condition called ammonia toxicity.

Unfortunately for most, the ailment is never discovered. Sufferers operate under the assumption they simply have a strong body odor. They try hiding it under antiperspirants, deodorants, colognes and perfumes. They bathe constantly to no avail. Many minimize close contact in social situations, or merely suffer the stigma of people knowing they emit an unpleasant smell.

Body Odor

As you can imagine, this condition is far more than a physical illness. Ammonia toxicity wreaks havoc on the mental and neurological systems.

What is Ammonia Toxicity Exactly?

It’s a by-product of the digestion progress that involves proteins and fats creating ammonia in the body. It’s also common in athletes who release something called “ammonia sweat.” That’s a natural way of providing sugar to the body. Both these acts can lead to high levels of body odor. Another factor is an overproduction of cortisol, often due to extreme stress.

Normal levels of ammonia help the body. The intestinal tract needs ammonia to produce urea. But problems in the process can result in inadequate detoxification until too much ammonia gets in the bloodstream and results in ammonia toxicity.

What are the Symptoms?

Most sufferers of ammonia toxicity never get treated because many never discover the issue. Blood work ups can reveal the condition, but only if the clinicians look for it. Even experienced lab technicians may not be familiar with functional ammonia toxicity.

This means your understanding the condition, which, besides excessive body odor, can include:

  • Muscle twitches (fasciculations)
  • Low serotonin levels
  • Brain swelling
  • Increased brain glutamate
  • Hyper-excitability
  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Insomnia
  • Brain fog or delirium

Where Bodily Ammonia Comes From?