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5 Things Science Knows About Your Love Life That You Don’t

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5 Things Science Knows About Your Love Life That You Don't

5 Things Science Knows About Your Love Life That You Don’t

Closeness is an important aspect of life. We know it, Science proves it.

Here are five scientific studies with some interesting and surprising results.

Preference to Smaller Breast Size: Psychology Today found that males who are drawn to women with normal or smaller breasts and are turned off by women sporting back-breaking breasts are not in the market for becoming fathers.

5 Things Science Knows About Your Love Life That You Don't

Big is Not Always Better: A study done in Kenya by PLOS One discovered that men with substantial penises were more likely to have a cheating wife. For every inch over the norm, the wife was one and a half times more likely to cheat. They attributed this to the fact that women associate large penis girth with pain during love-making, leading them to find a more comfortable love- partner.

Enjoy the View– A more controversial study conducted by Katren Weatherby, a German physician, discovered that men who admire a woman’s upper torso for at least 10 minutes a day will live a longer life. Viewing breasts helped males lower their blood pressure and pulse rate leading to healthier hearts. Life spans were increased by 5 years. So, women, the next time your significant other suggests lunch at Hooter’s, remember it’s just his daily workout.

Average or Above: University of Westminster led a study using 361 men between the ages of 18 and 68. Presented with 3D models of women of different upper dimensions, they found that close to a third of the men were more attracted to the average sized models. The researchers concluded that men felt women with average busts were more feminine and needed to be protected. Women’s liberation, take a step back on this one.

Hands Tell All: A study done in Korea concluded that if a man’s index finger is shorter than the ring, he is packing a larger penis. Girls, when dating, this is a great way to eliminate or encourage possible physicla partners.

There you have five scientific studies to enlighten your love knowledge and provide some fodder for your next cocktail party.

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