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10 Signs You’re Dating A Crazy Chick

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10 Signs You're Dating A Crazy Chick

10 Signs You’re Dating A Crazy Chick

Rather than being truly mentally ill and seeking help for it, plenty of people are wandering around convinced they are perfectly fine when they most certainly are not. Here are ten signs that your girl is crazy and not handling herself.

You're Dating A Crazy Chick

10. She is jealous beyond reason. If she’s creeping on your social media and is enraged that you exchanged comments with your female cousins or a friend 30 years your senior, she has issues. Back away slowly.

9. Physical abuse is brushed off as playfulness. While play-fighting can be a normal part of a healthy relationship, be cautious if her blows are landing a bit too hard and a bit too viciously. No partner should ever cross this line. Be doubly concerned if she laughs off your protests.

8. She uses her emotions as a weapon. Instead of talking out differences as adults, she bursts into tears to illicit your sympathy or hurts herself to make you feel bad. Don’t accept this manipulation!

7. She strangely has no friends of one gender or the other. Perhaps her rampant promiscuity has scared off all other males, or her crazy competitiveness has destroyed all relationships with other females. Virtually everyone who is mentally healthy should have at least one friend of each gender.

6. She is too involved in a certain lifestyle, be it religious, diet-based or otherwise. There’s nothing wrong with being active in the church or following a vegan diet, if that’s your thing. However, be very concerned if she won’t compromise or attacks others of different beliefs.

5. She shows no interest in your family or friends. It’s perfectly natural for her to be leery of your mother at first, but if you’ve been together for years and she still hasn’t met most of your family or friends, something is wrong.

4. She is incredibly self-centered. Is everything always about her? Does every conversation turn into a diatribe about her? Being with someone who is self-absorbed is a total drag.

3. She clings. While wanting to spend time with you is natural, emotionally healthy people will always want to maintain their own life.

2. Her apartment is either a complete wreck or creepily clean. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit untidy, but her place shouldn’t look like an episode of Hoarders. Also be concerned if her digs have the cold, calculated feel of a laboratory.

1. She won’t consider help for any of her issues. This is the biggest hallmark of craziness. A person who is willing to admit their problems, seek help and attempt to get better could be a great partner. Someone who clings to their issues will not. It’s that simple.

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