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5 Weird Things That Can Increase Your Appetite

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5 Weird Things That Can Increase Your Appetite

5 Weird Things That Can Increase Your Appetite


Do you ever wonder why you have a moderate appetite one day, but you suddenly become ravenous the next? You may also have begun becoming extremely hungry every day, but you just don’t know why. There are many factors that control your appetite, but some causes of sudden hunger can be extremely surprising.

5 Weird Things That Can Increase Your Appetite

Air Conditioning

During the summer, you likely spend some days out in the heat enjoying the weather and other days indoors enjoying the cool air-conditioned air. Do you notice that you are less hungry on days spent outside in the heat?

Being hot can dull your appetite while feeling cold can make you hungry. It all stems from your body’s desire to raise its core temperature when you are cold. The act of eating raises your metabolism, making you feel warmer. This means your body signals you to eat to keep it warm.


There are several medications that can increase your hunger, and antidepressants are known for this. Why? There are several theories, but one is based on the fact that today’s antidepressants raise levels of serotonin in your brain, which is a chemical that can make you feel less depressed but can also stimulate your appetite.

Surprisingly, a type of allergy medication can also increase your appetite. Antihistamines are used by many allergy sufferers, and for an unknown reason, they can cause an increase in appetite.


So, you began a new exercise routine to lose weight, but you are gaining instead? It is not uncommon for people beginning new exercise regimens to become so hungry after working out that they then consume more calories than they burned during their workouts.

Although exercise can make you hungry at first, studies have shown that people who work out regularly do tend to actually experience appetite suppression once they become used to their new routines.

Diet Soda

Drinking diet soda is another way that people who are trying to lose weight unintentionally increase their appetites. Diet soda tastes sweet but has no calories, so your body becomes confused when you drink it.

Your appetite then skyrockets after you drink it as your body wants the calories that it “thought” should have been in that sweet soda. You may then find yourself following that diet drink with a doughnut or candy bar.

Lack of Sleep

Sleeping less than 7 hours each night has been shown to increase appetite levels tremendously. In fact, some people who don’t get a good night’s sleep can end up eating as many as 1,000 extra calories the next day.

If you don’t sleep well for an entire week, that means you could take in an extra 7,000 calories over the course of the week, which is two full pounds of fat.

If your appetite seems higher on some days or is increasing every day, then look into your habits that may be contributing to this hunger.

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