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10 Everyday Objects That Are Germier Than A Toilet Seat

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10 Everyday Objects That Are Germier Than A Toilet Seat

10 Everyday Objects That Are Germier Than A Toilet Seat

Although germs are often associated with dirty toilet seats or on the bottom of shoes, there are a number of other places where the bacteria is lurking both in public places and in the home. Instead of steering clear of the bathroom or floors, there are other areas to wipe down and disinfect to the environment clean and safe. From cell phones to door handles, there are objects that you use each day where germs are rarely killed.

Everyday Objects That Are Germier Than A Toilet Seat


1. Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is often the place where dirty dishes sit for several hours or where raw meat is handled. This makes for a common object that is used each day, but contains a high amount of germs and should be disinfected every few days.

2. Keyboards

Keyboards and office desks are prone to have 400 times more germs than toilet seats due to touching the surface on a frequent basis by multiple people in the home.

3. Cell Phones

Cell phones are handled on an hourly basis by most people and are rarely cleaned, making it important to wipe down the keys and screen once a day.

4. Door Handles

Door handles are touched multiple times a day by various people, specifically in public places. In the home, they should be wiped down once a week. You can also wipe down nearby light switches while you’re at it.

5. Remote Control

According to a recent study, remote controls are one of the most common places where germs breed and is one of the most commonly used objects in households. Wipe down the product with a sanitizing wipe every few days to prevent bacteria from spreading.

6. Makeup Bags

With the different items that are placed in makeup bags and have contact with your eyes and skin, it makes makeup bags a breeding ground for germs and a dirty object to touch.

7. Cutting Boards

Everything from raw meat to fresh fruit is often diced on cutting boards and not cleaned well enough, which causes coliform bacteria to develop on the surface.

8. Stove Knobs

When you’re in the middle of cooking, it can be easy to use stove knobs with your dirty hands that just touched the dishes or raw chicken. The knobs be washed in hot, soapy water each week.

9. Pet Toys

Approximately 23 percent of all pet toys in the home contain staph bacteria due to frequent contact with the outdoors and pets’ mouths. This will probably make you think twice before it’s time to play fetch.

10. Coffee Makers

For many people, the highlight of their day is turning on the coffee maker and brewing a fresh cup of Joe. However, the coffee maker also is one of the top places to find germs, mold, and yeast. To stay safe and continue enjoying your caffeine, it’s important to add vinegar to the reservoir and allow it to sit for 30 minutes each week.

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