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8 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

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8 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

8 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

Perhaps it’s time for us all to admit that we are pretty sure we can read our dog’s mind, but that we really can’t. Whether it’s an annoying habit that they must constantly witness, or something embarrassing that we pet parents put them through, perhaps it’s about time we start really listening. Below are eight things your dog sincerely wishes you would stop doing, at least with them.

8 Things You Do That Your Dog Hates

1. Stop Watching TV
While dogs can also find enjoyment in watching tv, due to the flicker resolution of dogs, low quality televisions look like a blur to them, but HDTV shows that include animals can often entice them into sitting and watching a show with you. However, just like with kids, dogs have developmental needs and tv is wasted time that you could spend teaching them a new trick.

2. Hitting Them
Lets be honest, occasionally some people lose their temper and believe that a slap on the nose is the way to teach a dog. This isn’t true and many veterinarians and animal experts have found that hitting as a form of punishment only teaches your dog that getting hit, hurts and they should probably run from it. Instead, try reward based techniques like positive reinforcement.

3. Working
Of course working is a necessary evil, but it’s suggested you do not leave your dog alone for more than four hours. Some dogs become anxious and begin to destroy the house, their dog beds or even over eat. To avoid this, hire yourself a dog walker or a dog nanny to visit with your furry friend halfway through your work shift.

4. Buying them Boring Chew Toys
While chew toys and bones are excellent for teething puppies, mature and adult dogs need some sort of mental stimulation. Puzzle games are becoming increasingly popular. They help keep your dog entertained for a longer period of time, which can fight off separation anxiety.

5. Being Lazy
Let’s face it, we don’t always enjoy taking a walk with the dog. However, fifteen minutes is all you need to keep your dog satisfied. This is especially important for breeds such as Huskies or Border Collies, which were bred to cover large amounts of land a day. Daily walks stimulate your dog’s mind, and helps to teach her things about her environment.

6. Giving them Low Quality Food
There are really two parts to this option. Food with low quality is of course not healthy for your beloved pet, and if a dog isn’t getting the right amount of nutrition from its meal it won’t have the energy to complete its necessary daily exercise. The second part of quality food is quality feeding. Feed your pet in the new bowl designs that require them to solve puzzles before they get their food out of a trap.

7. Pack Training
Many people believe that pack training is the best way to train a dog, when this isn’t always the case. Pack training involves teaching them that we humans are the boss, but dogs also naturally challenge the boss. Obedience training is the best alternative.

8. Rehoming them
Dogs are pack animals, so taking them out of the pack can cause stress and separation anxiety. Rehoming is sometimes difficult, as it’s hard to teach a dog they have a new family. Always consider other options before rehoming your dog.

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