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10 Ways To Spot A Narcissist On A First Date

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10 Ways To Spot A Narcissist On A First Date

10 Ways To Spot A Narcissist On A First Date

Most of us have anxiety about silly things on first dates like “Does my hair look alright?” “What if she’s super tall?” “What if he is secretly married?” and other oddities which pop into our mind. But how frequently are you concerned with figuring out if your date is full of themselves? In this article we will touch on ten ways to spot a narcissist on the very first date.

10 Ways To Spot A Narcissist On A First Date

Ten Signs of Narcissism

1. Is your date more interested in talking about themselves than trying to learn about you?

Sure, this could be harmless…maybe they are nervous…but this could be a red flag that they are self-involved.

2. Does your date need to make you aware of anyone and everyone they know at the restaurant?

If they go out of their way (including interrupting you) to wave down acquaintances or discuss how important their relationships with others are, you may have yourself a narcissist.

3. Is your date finding their reflection in surfaces other than mirrors?

Does this really need elaboration? Narcissist.

4. Does your date ask you to expound on what you find attractive about them?

Maybe they are simply curious, or maybe they are fishing for the compliments they need to thrive on…

5. If you’ve checked out your date’s social media accounts, are they littered with “selfies?”

Sure, selfies don’t absolutely equal a narcissist but if there is a disproportionate amount, the signs of narcissism may be there…

6. Does your date speak in third-person?

You should probably pick up on this before ever sitting down for your first date but, if for whatever reason this is your first time even speaking to your date and this becomes evident then your best option is to: RUN!

7. Does your date seem obsessed with status and power?

This can be any form of power: personal, professional, or otherwise but Psychology Today points out that this is a classic sign of narcissism. Listen for recurring importance being placed on titles, positions, rankings, and more.

8. Does your date only want to know about your accomplishments?

Narcissists need everyone they have relationships with to be special in some way or another. If your date needs to validate your “specialness” by asking what kinds of awards, promotions, and other accomplishments you have obtained then they may be a narcissist.

9. Does your playful teasing result in your date flashing anger?

Narcissists hate to be challenged. If you question, even playfully, their authority on a subject they are discussing, you are sure to see some anger arise. If you see agitation, frustration, or contempt on the face of your date if you are unwilling to accept their knowledge, proceed with caution.

10. Does your date continually work to make sure your focus is always on them?

Narcissists hate the idea of not being the most important thing for their audience. If your conversation topics leads away from them or your gaze wanders, they are sure to notice.

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