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Berries: An Antioxidant and A Cancer Fighting Fruit

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Berries: An Antioxidant and A Cancer Fighting Fruit

I personally love berries, and what is better for you than what the earth itself gives you? Black and red raspberries (promising super foods), blackberries, strawberries and elderberries contain a number of healthful compounds including vitamins A, C, E and folic acid; selenium, calcium, polyphenols, and compounds called anthocyanin, which give berries their color. (Blueberries have many benefits, but according to scientists, they don’t have the same cancer-fighting properties)

Scientists have discovered, after numerous  studies, that  anthocyanin powder worked just as well as whole raspberries for slowing tumor growth. “It’s not total inhibition, but it was pretty substantial. It tells us the anthocyanin’s in the berries are pretty important and they are deserving of more research.”- Said Gary D. Stoner, head of the Cancer Prevention Program at Ohio State University.


Although berries have great potential and filled with healthy benefits, they can be very expensive and may be too costly for most people to eat daily, but frozen berries are a little bit cheaper and can be eaten year round as well as concentrated berry powders. Also, look into farm stands and eat seasonally, when they are readily available they are not as cost prohibitive, you can then freeze your own!

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