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How to Effectively Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles

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How to Effectively Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles

There is no shortage of wrinkle treatments, whether on the shelf, on the web, or in magazines – everyone and their mother has a solution for the aging process. However, most of us simply focus on the face without even considering areas like the chest or upper arms. These places are just as vulnerable as the face and, if ignored, can make you look older.

1 – One treatment for this kind of body wrinkle is gelatin. Gelatin leads to keratin, which promotes healthy levels of collagen. You’ll want the clear, flavorless, odorless version either in liquid or solid form unless you’re happy with some extra sugar and, possibly, corn syrup. You can ingest it or prepare it in a mask that will remove blackheads and dead skin cells.

For a gelatin mask we suggest using unflavored, uncolored gelatin and heating it on a stove with some milk until it’s thick enough not to drip when applied to the skin. Allow to cool enough to safely put on the skin, then allow it to dry. Peel off the mask, the dry skin and blackheads should come off with it.

Recipe for Gelatin Mask:

2 – Try not to sleep on your side or on your stomach. Yes, it can be hard and uncomfortable at first. Try making a nest of pillows for yourself and propping your legs and arms up to alleviate joint stress and decrease the instinct to roll over.

If this isn’t a viable option, there are chest pads and cleavage support rolls available that may help reduce the appearance of creases.

3 – A popular homemade facial mask can also be transferred to a chest mask to erase wrinkles. Mix egg white and plain yogurt, then apply to the chest area. Egg white will improve firmness and increase resilience of the dermis. Yogurt has lactic acid that encourages tissue renewal and has cleansing benefits.

Yogurt is one of the most effective ingredients you can use in a face mask. Yogurt contains Lactic acid that tightens pores and makes the skin super soft! This yogurt face mask is extremely inexpensive and you can easily make it at home!

Recipe for Yourt Mask:

Another good mask is made from pumpkin, strawberries, and yogurt. Use about five strawberries, one cup of plain yogurt, and five ounces of cooked pumpkin (using natural canned pumpkin should be fine) and puree together. Apply to the skin, refrigerate any leftovers in a tightly-sealed jar, and leave the mask on for fifteen minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Pumpkin contains a whole treasure trove of active ingredients such as carotenoids (which prepare skin for sun exposure), amino acids (such as tyrosine and leucine), and mucilage which contains vitamins that revitalize the skin and help keep the skin hydrated. Strawberries are rich in minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, and antioxidant vitamins. The yogurt also balances pH that can be altered by make-up and stress.

Recipe for Pumpkin Mask:

4 – Using most skincare products that contain seaweed or honey is usually a good idea. Honey has properties that can help maintain the moisture in the skin. Appropriately hydrated skin is not as susceptible to aging. Seaweed can help get rid of harmful enzymes that prevent collagen fiber lubrication as well as keep the skin soft and supple.

5 – Consume more cucumber! These vegetables are not only tasty and smell lovely, but are great at combating skin problems. They even help fight dark circles around the eyes!

One cucumber contains the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, and zinc. It’s also extraordinarily moisturizing while having astringent properties. Cucumber helps the liver function, helps hair grow and keeps nails healthy, as well as keeping blood pressure in check.

6 – Drink more water! Being adequately hydrated plumps out the skin cells, providing a dewy radiance associated with vibrant youth.

Remember to take care of you! You only get one body, treat it well.

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