Things That Stop Women from Getting Turned On

Most women need to be kissed or rubbed to get in the mood for making love with their partner. Although men may be able to be ready for the act in just a few minutes, women need more time to get turned on and can often become turned off by several triggers. To ensure that you don’t prevent her from being in the mood, there are a few mistakes to avoid both in the bedroom and outside of it.

Things That Stop Women from Getting Turned On

Poor Hygiene

Women can easily become grossed out if you’re sweaty and smell due to a lack of proper hygiene. It’s important to shower each day and groom yourself to ensure that your partner is attracted to your appearance and can easily get turned on when you spend time in the bedroom.

Your skin should be clean and smell nice due to soap or body wash that you use, which will remove oil that accumulates throughout the day. You should have clean and trimmed nails with freshly brushed teeth when approaching your partner to avoid turning her off. It’s also important to have hair that is trimmed and styled with a clean-shaven face or a beard that is maintained.

Proper manscaping is also important to ensure that she’s not leery of getting close to certain private parts on your body as you get up close and personal. Keep your body hair trimmed to avoid making her squirm.

The environment that you attempt to get physical with her in will also influence if she’s in the mood. Clean up the bedroom, light a few candles, and dim the lights to make her feel confident and ready to get close. Clutter and junk that is left out will just make her want to clean instead of get in bed together.

Emotional Disconnect

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