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How a 4 Day Juice Cleanse Affects Your Body and Brain

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How a 4 Day Juice Cleanse Affects Your Body and Brain

How a 4 Day Juice Cleanse Affects Your Body and Brain

It seems everywhere we turn these days people are talking about the amazing juice cleanse thy’ve been on or about to try; from celebrities to regular people everybody’s getting the juicing fever!

What exactly is a juice cleanse?

A juice cleanse is a short-term, fresh, raw, all liquid diet which will cleanse your body from all the stored toxins that it has accumulated over time. It is a fasting detox diet in which we only consume the juice of raw fruits and vegetables.

This method has been the topic of many controversial discussions as some health care professionals are concerned about depriving the body of certain foods for a long period of time may have serious side effects. However, A few days here and there have been proven very beneficial to many that practice this type of fasting!

Below is a very popular 4 Day Juice Cleanse; which many have gotten great and fast results with:

4 day juice cleanse

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