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10 Braids You’ll Freak Out Over

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10 Braids You’ll Freak Out Over

10 Braids You’ll Freak Out Over

Beautiful braids for your every mood! These stylish braids can change your look completely, many of us are frequently looking to mix up our look, to keep it interesting, new, and fresh. With these amazingly creative and chic braids you’ll definitely be the star and the center of attention anywhere you go!!

10 Braids You’ll Freak Out Over

1. Doable Braid:
Easy doable hairstyle for when uou need your hair up and away from your face.

Doable Braid

2. Fishtail Braid:

1. Take a small handful of hair from the back of your head and separate into two sections. 3.-4. Take a small amount of hair from the right section, pull it back and cross it over to cover the left hair section. 5.-6. Repeat 3-4, but this time switch sides from Left to right. 8. Secure with hair tie. To get this look gently loosen the braid.

fishtail braid

3. Side Braids:

Long hairstyles are considered a symbol of charm and grace. No matter how hair fashion changes long hairstyles are loved by a great number of people. As time goes on people create new, special styles for long hair.

Side Braids

4. Loose Braid:
Super clear, straightforward braiding directions. (This is the level of detail that I need to re-create hairstyles!)

loose braid

5. Lace braided Updo:

Love this braided hair hack for those days your hair is dirty enough to hold in all those stray hairs and you still need to look nice in a hurry.

Lace braid updo

6. French Braid Bun:

bun braid

7. Easy Braided Updo:
Many of us have hectic schedules and don’t have a lot of time to spend on our hair, that’s why I’m excited to show you one of my favorite braided hairstyles that you can do in just a few minutes. The best part is you don’t need any complicated braiding ability.

easy braided updo

8. French Braided PonyTail:
This is Deceptively Easy

french braided ponytail

9. Braided Wedding Hair for Beginners

For this look you’ll want to first make sure that you have a blow-dryer, curling iron or wand, and hairbrush on hand, as well as some small elastics and bobby pins that match your hair color. Once you have those handy, proceed as follows:….. for instructions visit:http://apracticalwedding.com

Wedding braid

10. EveryDay Braid:

It’s cute, looks professional, it looks nice without a lot of effort or looking too dressed up.

everyday half braid

BONUS: Triple Braided Bun (with a flower crown)

triple braided bun

Edited 8/18/14 SCD

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