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8 Sensitive Questions Women Often Wish To Ask Their Partner

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8 Sensitive Questions Women Often Wish To Ask Their Partner

8 Sensitive Questions Women Often Wish To Ask Their Partner

Breaking News: Sometimes women want to ask their partner tricky questions. In any relationship knowing each other is important. The primary stage includes questions regarding goals, career, family, and interests. As you move on to different levels in your relationship you want to know your partner better, there might be embarrassing questions running through your mind but you feel uncomfortable asking them, so to everyone reading this, here are some questions questions your partner may want to ask you.

8 Awkward Questions That Girls Wish To Ask Their Men

If you trust each other and want to know each other better awkward questions can be fun, for the most part leave them alone, don’t ask questions you’re not ready to hear the answers to:

• Have you ever been in love?
This can be the first question in a girl’s mind when she is interested in someone. Men may not like this topic so women may feel awkward asking, if a man is interested in you he will answer honestly.

• What do you like in bed?
Women often want to know their partner’s physical preferences, what they like and what turns them off. Some women may be embarrassed to ask, afraid of giving the wrong impression.

• Should I wax?
You may be embarrassed to ask what your man prefers when it comes to your “downstairs,” but honestly it’s your body, your choice. Frequent waxing is harmful, there is nothing wrong with looking like a woman not a little girl.

• Will I meet your parents?
If you are the one asking this question first it may be awkward. He may not be ready for you to meet his parents. This demands the right time and situation. .

• How much money do you make?
Finance is an important factor, many women are curious about yours. It can be awkward for two reasons: if he is well off he may think you are using him for money, if he is poor he might be insecure about it.

• Will you call me?
Some women need validation in a relationship, this question may turn men off as it can make her look needy.

• When we’re making love can you see my stretch marks/fat/butt at weird angles?
These are some of the most common thoughts in a woman’s mind during closeness. There are several positions during love-making where women feel vulnerable but at the same time they don’t want to turn you off.

• Do you think SHE is pretty?
This is a question that is hard for men to answer. If he says yes then he may be blamed for looking at her, if he says no he may offend you. For women this might be a signal that you are jealous of everyone and you are insecure. From every direction this question is awkward. There are always going to be attractive people wherever you go, remember this, just because someone admires the architecture, it does not mean they want to live there.

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