6 Ways to Treat Leukorrhea (Women’s Discharge ) Naturally

6 Ways to Treat Leukorrhea (Women’s Discharge) Naturally

Women’s discharge is a normal cleaning function of the female reproductive system. The amount, odor, and hue varies depending on the individual and will undergo certain changes depending on the time of the month if a person is breastfeeding or is pregnant. When a women’s discharges fluid, it washes away bacteria and dead cells to prevent infection and generally clean the labia. While women’s discharge is normal, attention should be given if it suddenly changes in color or is accompanied by itching or burning.


Leukorrhea is the term for women’s discharge that occurs mainly during pregnancy as well as other times during a woman’s reproductive years. This condition brings sticky women’s discharge that can come in white, yellow and green colors. Leukorrhea typically does not come with symptoms such as itching, burning, redness or pain, and there is a possibility that its presence is evidence of an infection. Leukorrhea can also occur after injury or trauma to the labia. If a doctor verifies that there is no infection causing your leukorrhea, try these six natural remedies to treat the condition and its symptoms.


Cranberries remove bacteria from [email protected] walls with its antifungal, antibiotic and antioxidant properties. The typical recommendation is to drink one glass of cranberry juice two or three times a day or take cranberry tablets until the leukorrhea is resolved.


Figs reduce leukorrhea by removing waste and toxins from the body. The most effective way to get these results is to soak two or three dried figs overnight in a cup of water and drink a mix of the soaked figs in a new glass of water on an empty stomach. You can also blend equal parts banyan tree bark and fig tree bark with two cups of water and use the mixture as a [email protected] wash.


Bananas regulate leukorrhea and also relieve lethargy and digestive issues related to leukorrhea. Consume one or two overripe bananas or mix two tablespoons of banana flower juice and two teaspoons of powdered palmyra candy daily until all problems are resolved.

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