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7 Ways to Fight Gray Hair Naturally

7 Ways to Fight Gray Hair Naturally.

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Gray hair is usually considered a sign of the aging process. It’s true that aging often leads to gray hair, but it’s a natural process that begins at a young age. The hair color is due to a pigment in the hair follicles. Loss of melanin in the hair follicles leads to hair losing its color. There are various reasons for premature gray hair including smoking, genetic factors, anemia, and traumatic events. There are natural remedies you can use to fight gray hair naturally:

7 Ways to Fight Gray Hair Naturally.

1. Clear dandruff

Various studies have shown that dandruff can be a reason behind grey hair. Using lemon juice to clean the scalp is an effective natural way of getting rid of dandruff, which may help with gray hair.

2. Chamomile and henna

A mixture of chamomile and henna can be used to treat gray hair. place one part chamomile and one part henna powder in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Add some boiling water to make a thick paste then add 1 tablespoon vinegar. Cool the mixture then apply to your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes then rinse with fresh water.

3. Gooseberry

Gooseberry is considered one of the best foods for gray hair. It is used in various shampoos and dyes. Slice some gooseberries and leave to dry in the sun. Mash the dried gooseberry to make a powder and add coconut oil to it. Apply this mixture to your scalp and leave on 15 minutes. Repeat regularly as needed.

4. Eat iron-rich foods

Lack of iron in the diet is a cause of premature gray. Iron we obtain from food helps in the production of melanin in the scalp, which leads to black coloring of hair. Seafood is high in iron, and green vegetables like kale and spinach are a good source of iron.

5. Avoid stress

Studies show that those with high stress are more likely to have premature gray. Regular exercise, some foods, hugging, smile and meditation are effective in reducing stress.

6. Curry leaves

Curry leaves are high in nutrients required to keep hair dark. Curry leaves can be included in the diet as well as massaged on the scalp. For application purpose, add curry leaves to coconut oil and heat. Wait until it is cooled down. Apply the oil to the scalp to darken hair.

7. Black tea

A massage from a mixture of black tea and salt can be used for gray hair. Add one-half cup black tea to one tablespoon salt. After mixing the ingredients, massage it on the scalp and leave for 30 minutes, then wash with your regular shampoo.

7 Powerful Ingredients that Can Help You Fight Gray Hair:

By Divya Shree
Edited by Stephanie Dawson
Reviewed by Nima Shei MD


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