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Turning your Bedroom Into a Sleep Cave

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Turning your Bedroom Into a Sleep Cave

Turning your Bedroom Into a Sleep Cave
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

In today’s life where we constantly keep moving towards our dreams and aspirations we get very little time to sleep. Our hectic schedules, work and family stress, and physical disorders all lead to sleep interruptions. We cannot control these things with ease, however there is something we can do to ensure our sleep isn’t interrupted because of the environment that we sleep in. By following these tips you can turn your bedroom into a sleeping paradise to promote uninterrupted sleep with minimal disturbance.

1. Make sure its dark

Presence of light during sleep decreases production of melatonin and adenosine which are hormones responsible for natural sleep. Make sure that you switch off all the lights while you sleep. Using opaque curtains in the bedroom and blackout shades can stop light from entering your room, especially from street lamps that use energy efficient LED lamps which are sleep detractors. Studies show that people who sleep in the dark wake up feeling fresher than those who don’t. Also avoid using clocks with white lights, switch to red displays as they are less distracting.

2. Maintain a hibernating temperature

Studies prove that we doze off faster in a cooler environment than in a warmer one. Its almost impossible to sleep when you’re sweating. Maintaining the temperature so you need a thin blanket is ideal for better sleep. Experts suggest keeping the sleeping room temperature between 65-72 degrees F. You can use air conditioners that regulate temperature when you sleep so that you don’t have to worry about blankets or sweat.

Turning your Bedroom Into a Sleep Cave

3. Don’t share blankets

We cannot always change the person we share our bedroom with, however not sharing blankets can avoid problems due to your partner’s sleeping habits. Sharing blankets accumulates heat and raises the temperature which can result in sweating. Often men and women have different body structures and react differently to different sleeping conditions. Using separate blankets will create a personal nest for you, where you can sleep the way you want without hindrance. You can also place a pillow between you and your sleeping partner to avoid transfer of body heat and movement.

4. Play soothing music at a low volume

Unpleasant and random sounds can wake you from REM sleep and make it difficult to enter it again. One study found that 75% of people who slept with consistent pleasing sounds at low volume reported more restful sleep than people who slept in silence. Apps are available that make pleasant sounds like rainfall or wind which relax the mind and lead to a sounder sleep. These are called pink sounds or white noise because a light from similar power spectrums appear pink. These steady uninterrupted sounds act as sleep boosters and promote secretion of adenosine which induces natural sleep.

5. Remove TV

If possible keep TV out of your bedroom. TV in the bedroom makes it difficult to sleep because of the standby lights and people sometimes find it difficult to switch it off which may result in loss of precious sleeping hours.

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