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Improve Your Shaving Naturally!

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Improve Your Shaving Naturally!

Improve Your Shaving Naturally!
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited by Stephanie Dawson

The most popular technique for hair removal is shaving, wet shaving being the most widespread and popular, it can rapidly remove hair close to the skin while minimizing impact. It generally requires only a razor and shaving cream. This method of hair removal is often used by both genders: Women use shaving techniques mostly to remove armpit, leg, or groin hair, while men most often shave the face. Each person has their own method for shaving, the private nature of the shaving process often makes people self-taught, to learn from parents or relatives, or be influenced by media on the blades brand choices in search of the perfect shave.

Here are some recommendations on how to improve your shaving, changing your behavior before and after the shave, and address what specific products will minimize the drawbacks of wet shave, which is the irritation of the skin. Among men there is a particular troublesome area, the neck. Most men are likely to experience soreness and irritation, itching, redness or cuts at some point. The same side effects can be experienced on any part such as legs, hair or any part that might be irritated.

The most important part is the selection of a good quality razor and shaving product such as cream. If you use wet shaving it will regrow in just a few days, its recommended for arms, legs, axilla, groin, or face, it has the advantage of being an easy and cheap method, and razor burn is the number one side effect. Dry shaving often involves an electric or battery shaver and can be used on the same areas as wet shaving, however sometimes regrowth is very fast. Contrary to popular belief shaving does not change the thickness or growth rate of hair. Shaving can shapes the hair with an edge, giving it a bristly feel. Whatever method of shaving you use buy quality products, always take your time, and be gentle. If you are allergic to the following items, don’t use them. Use caution with sensitive skin.

Improve Your Shaving Naturally!

Pre-shave recommendations– If you use wet shave you can use coconut oil on your skin prior to shaving, massaging the area. There are many pre-shave lotions in the market, avocado or coconut oil can do the trick and leave the skin ready for a shave. Coconut oil will soften the skin and give you a protective layer against the sun, a skin irritator. You can boil chamomile tea and use it instead of hot water to open the pores, you can use chamomile water with a hot towel that will soften the beard or any thick and rebellious hair.

Shaving recommendations– If you don’t want to use traditional shaving creams you can use aloe vera, its a perfect skin lubricant. Mix it with mineral or coconut oil and it will be even softer and smoother. Avoid a fast shave, a smooth shave should be the goal. A glycerin-based cream will also moisturize skin.

After shave- Most men are taught to use alcohol-based lotions, it causes a burning sensation, but your skin doesn’t need that burn, it needs cooling. Cucumber-based products or slices of cucumber on the skin are cooling, natural, and healthy. Aloe vera is effective as well. After removing the cucumber slices, wash gently with water. Remember to always use sunscreen to protect your skin.

On non-shaving days, and every day, enjoy a diet based on foods that will make your skin glow like avocado, nuts, carrots, omega’s 3-6, and vitamin C. You can apply creams and moisturizer at bedtime to ease and soften your skin. If you want to go farther you can use almond milk instead of water to wash your skin for extra softness and glow.

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