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The Truth about Hair Loss

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The Truth about Hair Loss
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

Many people are looking for something to prevent hair loss with minimal side effects. According to statistics Americans spend almost $3.5 billion on hair loss prevention products and procedures. The truth is most of it doesn’t work and consumers get minimal benefit from them, it can be a waste of money.

Many shampoos available claim to control hair loss but unfortunately have no effect when it comes to putting an end to hair loss. Many consider hair transplants as an effective way to combat the hair loss problem. When we decide on hair transplant surgery, we often don’t do enough research into deciding the appropriate surgeon for us. The fact is not everyone benefits from hair transplants. Experts suggest that the decision of choosing the right hair transplant surgeon should not be based on advertising alone. The American Hair Loss Association recommends only 50 hair transplant surgeons around the world. Its costly and not covered by insurance.

Genetic hair loss is caused by a hormone called DHT. The medications we consider for controlling hair loss should be approved by the FDA. There are various drugs available for combating hair loss, 3 have market acceptance because of their effectiveness in performing the task they are made for.

The Truth About Hair Loss

Propecia is the most famous drug for hair loss and the most successful in avoiding progression of hair loss, 90% of men who use this drug have desired results while 60% manage to regrow their hair. This drug is only meant for men and can cause severe birth defects in women. Men may suffer from side effects including lower love- drive and erectile dysfunction.

For those looking for a more natural solution to their hair loss problem revivogen is made up of natural ingredients and is safe for both men and women. This drug reduces formation of DHT and prevents hair loss.
While medical drugs should be taken by a doctor’s prescription natural remedies are often effective and side effect free. Making significant changes to your lifestyle and diet can help you prevent hair loss.

• Avoid too much vitamin A, it can cause hair loss

• Regular exercise, yoga and meditation are effective at avoiding hair loss by reducing anxiety and bringing stress levels down

• Some types of hormonal imbalance in women may lead to hair loss. Talk to your doctor and try to arrive at a solution

• Herbs Like licorice root and saw palmetto are helpful in reducing DHT levels resulting in reduced hair loss. Adding foods rich in zinc to your diet can prevent hair loss and avoid prostate enlargement

Always consult your doctor to ensure nothing more serious than genetics is causing your hair loss. Some auto-immune diseases and medications can cause hair loss.

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