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8 Key Exercises That Will Benefit Men to Gain an Mind-Blowing Happy Ending

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8 Key Exercises That Will Benefit Men to Gain an Mind-Blowing Happy Ending

8 Key Exercises That Will Benefit Men to Gain an Mind-Blowing Happy Ending

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Working out has so many health and wellness benefits. No matter what health professional you visit, you will likely not leave before you are encouraged to add regular physical activity to your weekly schedule.


In addition to improving circulation, aiding in stress reduction, promoting more restful sleep and enhancing longevity, regular physical exercise can also pay off in your private moments as well.

In this post, learn 8 key exercises that will benefit you and your partner equally!

Exercise #1: Planks.
Imagine that one exercise – all by itself – can increase your endurance, strengthen your back, prevent lower back injury, strengthen your arms and improve your stamina. Just 30 minutes daily is all you need to experience all the great benefits.

The name of this exercise is “The Plank.” Planks are like a push-up, but there is no actual push-up involved. Rather, you balance on your knees and the tips of your toes while keeping your body parallel with the floor for as long as you can.

Exercise #2: Kegels.
If you dread growing older and losing your continence, keels are the exercise you want to prioritize. Many patiences who have undergone abdominal surgery are prescribed daily Kegel exercises to restore full abdominal muscle strength and function.


This is because Kegel repetitions increase pelvic muscle strength, coordination, continence and performance in other critical areas as well.

Exercise #3: Squats.
Squats focus on a muscle group that often gets ignored unless you have to walk up or down a flight of stairs. But squats are fabulous for boosting circulation all through the lower body and the abdominal/pelvic region while also toning and firming.

Squats can give you better digestion and more body confidence along with muscle building and stamina.

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Exercise #4: Push-ups.
What squats do for your lower body, push-ups can do for your upper body. Your arms may be so used to typing on a keyboard or turning a steering wheel that they’ve forgotten how strong and stable they can be.

Doing push-ups regularly will remind them – and you – of how great it feels (and looks) to have a strong, powerful upper body.

Exercise #5: Reclining butterfly.
For performance in any area of life, flexibility is always an asset. The reclining butterfly is one such exercise which will offer flexibility in the pelvic and abdominal area. This is a perfect counterpoint to pelvic and abdominal strength training.

Just lay with your back on the floor and legs outstretched. Then bring your heels together and let your knees fall gently outward. Hold for as long as is comfortable and repeat daily to build flexibility.

Exercise #6: Forward bend with a twist.
The best way to build on the flexibility you gain with the reclining butterfly is with a series of forward bends. This stretches all those tight leg muscles and ligaments and gives you enhanced flexibility and maneuverability.

You can vary your bends as much as needed to give all your muscles a good stretch and make sure you are ready to try out new moves when inspiration strikes.

Exercise #7: Lunging in place.
Lunges are recommended to strengthen the hip and upper leg muscles and also improve posture and balance.

With lunges, you get a welcome boost to your lower body circulation and much improved blood flow all throughout the pelvic region, including to certain key regions.

Exercise #8: Leg raises lying down.
Contrary to popular belief, leg raises aren’t just for leg strength. They are also a great way to strengthen all the “core” muscles in your abdomen and pelvis.

When you perform these 8 exercises as part of your regular health and fitness routine, you get all the benefits, including reduced stress, better rest, a stronger immune system, more body confidence and more energy and enjoyment of life. Best of all, it won’t take too long before you notice enhanced stamina, endurance, performance and enjoyment with your partner as well!


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