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7 Ways To Maintain Balance In Your Work And Social Life

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7 Ways To Maintain Balance In Your Work And Social Life

7 Ways To Maintain Balance In Your Work And Social Life
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

Maintaining balance in your personal life and your work life to succeed in life is tough, especially when you have less time for your family and friends and you spend most of your precious time at work. Here are some tips that might help you maintain the balance:


Research shows flexibility provided by the employer to his employees will be good for the employees as well as employer in the long run. Those who maintain just and fair balance between their work and personal/social life often attribute it to flexibility. Employees should take advantage of flexibility and use it for their well-being.

Keep Communication Open

Don’t prioritize work at the cost of your family and friends. Let your loved ones and the people closest to you know what’s happening in your life. Keep them updated about work when it’s too hectic for you so they don’t feel they are your lowest priority. Keep your ears open to the advice and complaints of your family and friends.

Be Friends With Your Co-workers

This is the easiest way to maintain balance between your work and social life. Making friends at your work place will make the line between your work and life blur. “Have fun with your co-workers. Not only does sharing a joke or taking a 5-minute gossip break help make you happier, but those few minutes of personal connection can keep your mind fresh and inspired,” says Nicole Gardner, business development and operations at Dormify.

Set an End Time

If you are your own boss set a fixed time to stop working and keep to it. This way you can make your work life more efficient as you will get more inspired to get your work done before time runs out and have ample time for your friends, family, kids, and spouse.

7 Ways To Maintain Balance In Your Work And Social Life

Learn to Say “No”

Don’t be too kind to everybody in your office. Learn to say no to those who depend on you to get their work done. Before saying yes to helping other people check your schedule and your plans for the rest of the day. Don’t do it unless it’s important or a genuine need. If the work is too much and out of your level don’t hesitate to say no.

Be Accountable To Somebody

Your plans to hit the gym every day or taking a break may end up with no results unless you are accountable to someone else. This external source of accountability will force you to come out of your work and get involved in your personal life. Your life partner can play an important role in this by making sure that you take your lunch break on time or you reach home on time thinking he is waiting for you at the dinner table. A friend or a pet can be of some help in the right direction.

Maintain Boundaries

Don’t make yourself available to clients 24/7. This will raise their expectations and next time they call you after office hours, they will expect you to be there. Avoid taking work-related calls after office hours, no need to make return calls/emails/messages. Spend your own time with your family and friends. Live, love and laugh. Share jokes and go shopping on weekends. After all, money can’t buy happiness.

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