Always Attracting Jerks? – Read THIS

Always Attracting Jerks? - Read THIS

Always Attracting Jerks? – Read THIS

You would be very surprised by what your hands can reveal about your life. A palmist can determine your romantic life by the length of your palm lines and even by the texture of your skin. A palmist may also be able to determine when important relationships have taken place in your life. What can be most startling is the way that our hands can reveal the psychological aspects of our lives and the psychology of those who are close to us.

When blogger Rania Naim enlisted the services of a psychic, she learned some interesting information about her role in romantic relationships. As the psychic read her palm, she noted that Naim’s heart line and head lines were both quite long. This combination, she explained, denotes a healer. The psychic then correctly identified that Naim tends to attract men who are insensitive or have narcissistic traits.

Naim’s psychic went on to explain that the men in her past saw Rania as someone who could fix something about them or repair a situation in their lives. Once these men had gotten what they wanted from her, they simply left. The psychic added that Rania must determine who is in her life for the right reasons.

1 The head line begins above the lifeline and runs across the palm. Those with long head lines often:

Have a strong sense of purpose
Have an above-average intellect
Are less materialistic than those with short head lines

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2 The heart line runs below the base of your fingers and rules the emotions. A long, unbroken heart line indicates: