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6 Ways to Increase Your Motivation at Work!

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6 Ways to Increase Your Motivation at Work!

6 Ways to Increase Your Motivation at Work!
By Andres Carvajal
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

A review of some definitions of motivational theories and how to increase your performance.

Motivation is the decision to start an effort in a particular task, a decision to perform at some level of effort, and the decision to persist in effort for a period of time. A more complete definition of motivation is “the will to make an effort to fulfill the goals of an organization, which is conditioned by the capacity of effort to fulfill a personal need.” This level of effort toward a particular goal is conditioned by individual satisfaction. In this sense, motivation can be understood as the result of the adjustment between individual need and the opportunities that a particular job gives to fulfill individual needs.

6 Ways to Increase Your Motivation at Work!

Some tips and hints on how to stay motivated:

• Try to establish good relationships.Your boss could be the person with whom you have a talk from time to time, and of course your partners. Speak your mind, ask for help from others. Identify bad attitudes in your work space, laziness, cowardice, lack of enthusiasm, and poor motivation, identify yourself as opposite from the beginning. Look for positive leaders around you, be respectful, and have appropriate boundaries. Its not about being everyone’s best friend, common sense and taste will help us follow the right steps toward success. Learn about your colleagues, how they live, what they think. You can make good friends from work, be open to them. Good manners are always a good way to introduce yourself.

• Set clear goals. People try to achieve goals established for them and find innovative solutions. If your drill is repetition of monotonous and tasks every day, you’ll need extra motivation and to add your own creativity and uniqueness. If you become more mechanical in a task you are supposed to do freely, try to change your pace and try different solutions for the same problem. Small changes produce big effects, big changes produce dramatic effects. Its the responsibility of your boss to set goals, tasks, and procedures, its mandatory to know what your boss is expecting from you, how they expect it, and when they expect results. Reading guidelines, procedures, manuals, references, laws and any other material concerning your job needs to be studied in detail.

•  Enthusiasm is everything. Being enthusiastic about what you do is critical to high performance in any task, know why are you doing this and the consequences of not doing it. Is it a way to pay bills? Is it the fulfillment of a dream? Is it a combination of things? Enthusiasm makes you feel good, increases motivation, and joy in what you do. This can begin from the outside, smile, enjoy the little moments, have motivation. Your attitude has much to do with stress, high levels of stress cause fatigue and you won’t be physically or mentally capable of dealing with any task. Become a healthy producer of endorphins, this will create motivation in your job and life in general.

• You want to be taken seriously, this means adapting to your workspace making things easier for all. Have a good attitude, its important. Look and act confident. Build experience, look for support and feedback from others. Constant feedback is key, you might have good comments or areas for improvement. Be positive towards your evaluations and try to be objective in your appreciations.

• How you communicate with others can be important to increasing productivity. Don’t isolate yourself. If you are friendly and maintain good relationships, being together in the office will be positive and your colleagues may be more available to help. It shows that you’re a person that works well with others.

• Healthy habits. Sleep well, use the power of love, to your family, your romantic partner, your friends, all humans and animals of the world. Keep a healthy body, exercising and sleeping well is important.

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