What A Woman’s Birth Month Says About Her Personality

What A Woman’s Birth Month Says About Her Personality

Are you familiar with astrology? It’s the study of how the stars, moons, and planets affect our lives. Scientists believe their position at the time of birth forecast personality. Your birth month, in particular, plays a definitive role. The astrological insights below will enhance self-understanding. Discover how the month of your birth impacts your existence here on earth.

What Type Of Woman You Are According To Your Month Of Birth


Some of our greatest scholars were astrologers. Their findings are the foundations of modern science. There are several branches of astrology. Natal astrology concerns individuals. Its primary tool is the birth chart. This is a diagram of the sky at the time a person entered the world, viewed from their birthplace.

A second tool for evaluating character is the sun sign. This is determined by the month and day of birth. The sun sign represents your basic self and refers to one of 12 constellations. This is the area of astrology that forms the basis of horoscopes. Your sun sign reflects your personality, behavior, relationships, and economic fortune.