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How To Find The Best Birth Control For You

How To Find The Best Birth Control For You

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Ages ago, a woman only laid with her partner for procreation. People learned that they could pull out, but that wasn’t very effective. Luckily, we now have birth control to help us enjoy time with our partner without the fear of bringing a life into this world if we don’t want to. However, how do you know what contraceptive is right for you? There are so many options out there now! Well, here are some things to consider when picking your birth control method. 

How To Find The Best Birth Control For You

1. What have you tried before? 
If you’ve had birth control before, your previous experience can help your doctor determine what would be best for you this time around. If your last contraceptive raised any concerns, be sure to mention that to your doctor. If things went smoothly, be sure to tell your doctor that, too. If you’re interested in trying another method, your previous experience may help your doctor suggest another option. 

2. How long do you want to be covered? 
Are you planning on having a baby soon? Are you unsure? Or do you know that you won’t have kids for years? Your life plan makes a big difference in what method is best for you. Some contraceptives, such as the implant or IUD can last years. The shot and ring last monthly. The patch lasts weekly. Finally, the pill only works for a day. 
You want to pick an option that falls into your schedule. Of course, you can always change your mind. However, it’s easier to just go with the best birth control for your age and career goals. 

3. Have you considered him using contraception? 
Generally speaking, women are the ones expected to worry about conception. However, men can get involved, too. Men have the option to wear condoms or go through a vasectomy if you are truly done having children. Talk to your partner about whether either of these options might be the best birth control for you as a couple. Plus, condoms are the only contraception that will protect you and your partner from STDs. 

4. Will the contraception fit your lifestyle? 
The pill requires you to take a pill at the same time every single day. Many women set an alarm and do just fine, but this can be difficult for forgetful people. On the other hand, the shot will require you to get to the doctor every three months. Is that feasible? Pick a method that you will actually do. 

5. Are you sensitive to hormones? 
Some people do just fine with methods that enhance hormones. Other people who are more sensitive may experience unsavory side effects. Different pills have different levels of hormones to help accommodate your needs. You can also choose an IUD with hormones or without hormones. Your doctor will start you with a low or no hormone option if you’re unsure. 

Your choice of the contraceptive can determine how regularly you take it and how effective it is. Get one that works for you, and you will be able to worry about the other aspects of your life. 

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