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8 Things You Only Learn About Your Partner By Traveling Together

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8 Things You Only Learn About Your Partner By Traveling Together

8 Things You Only Learn About Your Partner By Traveling Together

• The In-Flight elbow span

No matter how many good things you know about him/her, you can get to know if they are a good partner by sitting together on a flight for 20 hours in economy seats, which is where you find out how much he/she cares for you. Is the arm offered as a pillow or is extra space given to you by removing the armrest?

• The Twang

Some serious work is done by each of us to become the people we are. Its possible that your partner might have consciously shuffled off the local vernacular by the time you first encountered each other, however, the accent from the hometown doesn’t go off completely. If you are observant you can catch the words that reveal the hometown accent.

• Is the ego threatened by a late-night emergency?

You are having a wonderful adventure in a foreign land when all of sudden there is an emergency, after having a delicious and expensive dinner his/her credit card doesn’t work to pay the bill. Are you blamed for this? How he or she reacts to the situation and tackles it successfully will give you an idea of their personality.

• The post-boredom brain

You can observe how your partner behaves when you are out for a long drive. Is it someone who would cracks jokes and make you laughs or someone who would make the drive even more boring?

• How much you like each other at hour 56

You wanted to be together all the time for those first courting days and you were, except the time when you were at home, work, or the gym. There is no work when you are travelling together so this is a test of your relationship as the most tightly woven relationships tend to fray during this time.

• How they look
Does he shave every day? Does she wear make-up even right out of the shower? Familiarity can show us another side of a person, if you are an avid hiker you may not want to choose someone who wears 5-inch heels to hike and cries when their feet hurt. If you enjoy shopping and buying souvenirs you may question being with someone who rushes you out of every shop.

• How well-organized your partner is
You will get to know how well-organized your partner is by having a look at their bags and seeing how well they arrange stuff. Do they carry all the necessary things for travel, especially for travelling with you?

• Are things planned well in advance?
How effective was the planning? Getting answers to these questions would help you understand your partner in a better way.

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