Blood in Your Bodily Fluids – Warning Sign You Should NEVER Ignore

Blood in Your Bodily Fluids – Warning Sign You Should NEVER Ignore

No one likes seeing blood where blood isn’t supposed to be. But is your condition serious enough to call a doctor? Here are just a few common causes of blood in bodily fluids.

1. Urine

The official term for blood in urine is hematuria, and there are many causes of it, including:

– Kidney stone
– Bladder infection
– Enlarged prostate
– Reaction to medication

You’ll need to identify and catalogue your full range of symptoms to narrow things down. For example, do you also have a fever and back pain? That could be a kidney infection. Do you feel the constant urge to urinate, or is your urination accompanied by a painful or burning sensation? All signs point to a urinary tract infection (UTI). Contact your doctor to be sure that the blood in your urine isn’t serious.

2. Saliva

Blood in saliva is another one of those things that can have many origins.

– If it’s gastrointestinal, it could be as simple as inflammation in your throat or a tear in your esophagus.

– If it’s respiratory, it might be something serious like cancer or congestive heart failure. You might also have something wrong with your lungs like pneumothorax or tuberculous.

Try treating yourself with natural remedies first and see if that helps your condition. If a soothing mug of honey tea is enough to stop the blood, it was probably nothing more than raw tissue caused by sinus pressure. If the blood persists, contact your physician.

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