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How to Control Anger: 25 Tips to Help You Stay Calm

How to Control Anger 25 Tips to Help You Stay Calm

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Anger can be a destructive force in anyone’s life, especially when it’s uncontrolled. Even if you regret your outbursts, it’s better to keep cool before rage overtakes you. The 25 tips below can help you control anger before it explodes. 

How to Control Anger 25 Tips to Help You Stay Calm

1. Realize it.

Recognizing and owning up to your anger is the first step towards controlling it. Face the issue and understand your feelings better. 

2. Count.

Counting to at least ten can give you a moment to remove yourself from your anger before starting a fight. 

3. Be alone.

Removing yourself from others who might upset you and find somewhere you feel comfortable to unwind.

4. Move around.

Is there somewhere that tends to provoke your anger? Spend as little time there as possible; find somewhere new to be. 

5. Know why.

If certain situations or topics are what rile your anger, try to avoid them. 

6. Music.

Music can work wonders on your mood, so give a favorite song a listen to ease your emotions. 

7. Journal.

Write about your anger to gain insight into what caused it and steps to fight back

8. Smell.

Calming scents like lavender can help control anger with just a few sniffs. 

9. Remember.

Mantras like “It’s okay” and “Relax” can seriously help you refocus. 

10. Exercise.

Burn off calories along with your anger with exercises like running, kickboxing, and dancing. 

11. Laugh.

Think of something funny to put your emotions in a new mode, replacing anger with humor. 

12. Quiet.

Stop yourself from saying anything you’ll regret and gather your thoughts in the meantime. 

13. Visualization.

Send your mind somewhere else, like a calming natural space, and think on the images and details instead. 

14. Let go.

Reliving past interactions that upset you won’t help. Let them go and focus on the present. 

15. Splash.

Something as simple as tossing cold water on your face can reset your mode of through. 

16. Shortcut.

Find immediate solutions to calm down, like leaving a room, even if they don’t solve the problem. 

17. Thankfulness.

Think about what you’re happy or grateful about instead of what upsets. 

18. Switch.

Replace angry thoughts with happy ones to center yourself again. 

19. Rehearse.

Have a response prepared for situations where you might get especially angry. 

20. Hobbies.

Enjoy your hobbies for a while to bring your stress levels down. 

21. Eat.

A good snack or warm drink can easily send your emotions elsewhere. 

22. Connect.

Comforting physical contact from a loved one could be your solution. 

23. Watch out.

If your anger has a tendency to linger, be aware of it to address it sooner.

24. Get help.

Talk about your feelings with someone you trust to further work through them. 

25. Breathe.

Breathe in deeply to relax your whole body, mind included. 

Anger might not be easy to tame, but it isn’t unstoppable. The 25 steps above should help you tame your feelings before you lose control.

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